Hazel lives in Edinburgh with her family. She was diagnosed with Behçet’s disease in 2009, having had unexplained symptoms for several years. She joined the Society in 2009 and has learnt a lot more about the condition both through personal experience and by attending AGMs and the International Patients Conference. She has also gone along to […]

Alan Lane

Hon Treasurer

Before taking slightly early “retirement”, Alan worked for 36 years in comprehensive schools, starting as a teacher of mathematics and computer studies and ending up as head of a large multicultural secondary school in Oxford. After that, he had a part-time role in a project to introduce new financial software into Oxfordshire schools and for […]

Judi Scott

Hon Secretary

    Judi joined the Society in the early 1990s following the diagnosis of her daughter Joanna when she was 7. She has seen the Society flourish to become the hugely supportive organisation that it is today, and she is thrilled to become a trustee. Before becoming a trustee, Judi helped out by sending welcome […]


Rachael was diagnosed with Behçet’s disease in 2004 after becoming suddenly unwell in early 2003, just 6 months after graduating in theatre acting and moving to Manchester. She got married in 2005, moved to Cardiff in 2007, started a paediatric nursing degree, and had her first baby, Joseff, in 2013. After maternity leave, Rachael began […]