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All these factsheets are available free of charge from the Society. The Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) leaflet is also available at

  • What is Behcet’s disease? Behcet’s syndrome (now known as Behcet’s disease) is a chronic condition resulting from disturbances in the body’s immune system.
  • How is Behcet’s disease diagnosed? There is no test for Behcet’s disease at the moment. It is diagnosed by specific patterns of symptoms and repeated outbreaks of them.
  • Similar disorders There are several disorders that have patterns of symptoms that overlap with those of Behcet’s disease. In the absence of a test to confirm Behcet’s, this can make diagnosis quite difficult.
  • Medical review article
  • Headache in Behcet’s disease Headache is one of the most continual and troublesome symptoms in Behcet’s disease. Some patients are lucky and hardly ever get headaches; others have daily chronic severe throbbing headaches that are very disabling.